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What we do?

We find the best talent in Costa Rica, to work with your US company

Forget the old contractor scheme and start employing talented and dedicated developers that fit naturally to the culture and work environment of your company. Continue raising the bar with a unified team from two different countries that can work, support and achieve more than what they ever dreamed of.

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How we make it all work?

We bring years of industry knowledge to ensure we are not only focusing on attracting the best technical talent, but also looking for the right attitude. We trust we have the right talent and expertise to make our client’s most complex projects come to life. On top of that we take care of the essential but not so fun legal part, so you don’t have to.

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We focus on these, so you don’t have to


Our nit picking selection process makes sure we put you in front of the best available candidates.

Recruiting process

A thorough process built upon years and years of industry knowledge, ensures that the candidate has both the technical and communication skills, let alone the passion and drive to be part of something bigger.

Compliance with CR and US laws

Even if they are not as fun as we wish, laws are essential for any business. Our offer goes beyond the talent search and recruiting, we will be on your side going through the hoops in a reliable, effective and radically transparent way.

Employee satisfaction

A happy employee knows no limits, embrace them as part of your team and they’ll stay with you through thick and thin. Honest relationships and clear communication should never be underrated.

Our clients say how much they love us!

At first we thought we would have a “Costa Rican” team, then SMASH convinced us to go with what they call “geographic transparency” it doesn’t matter where you sit. At ExtraSpace Storage we just have teams that happen to have people from Costa Rica and people from Utah. We are so glad we did.

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ExtraSpace Storage