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We live life at its fullest! Want to join?

Challenges may come from anywhere, one good day we could be on a long hike to the peak of Costa Rica’s highest mountain, the next day it could be you and your team developing new AI technology.

Smash will reshape your professional and physical limits, join us to discover all you can achieve!

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Code and adventure? Hell yes!

  • Smashing bugs and mountains since 2008
  • Skiing
  • Javascript
  • Dirt bikes
  • Python
  • Hiking
  • C#
man skiing


Adventure and coding is in our DNA, it’s who we are. Fast thinking, bold decisions, trusting yourself, active teamwork, passion and transparent communication make for success in both. However you define adventure for yourself, we thrive in it!

man skiing

Code and adventure? Hell yes! 3

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man skiing

Gentle-only policy

Plain and simple. As leaders in our industry, we share our achievements to celebrate and not to brag, inviting others to become part of our team through open conversations, we create real connections with real people.