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We are looking for leaders in technology to provide career coaching and technical mentoring to people whose jobs have been impacted by Covid-19.

The goal is to make this a productive time and give people a needed boost in their career. A little bit of your time to give the wealth of your experience to make a big difference.

Once you sign up we will send information to your linked in profiles with some instructions on how you can help.

Are you in tech and being affected by COVID-19? Our volunteers want to do what they can to work with you in finding your next opportunity. Sign up here!

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*Please make sure you check your LinkedIn profile, as we’ll be handling communications over there

*Please make sure you check your LinkedIn profile, as we’ll be handling communications over there

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Coaching & Mentoring

  • Benchmark your skills through coding exercises to help you know where you are at now
  • Receive an in-depth review from one of our senior mentor volunteers
  • Our social media expert volunteers will help you with this by reviewing your resume and LinkedIn page
  • Connect you with one of our volunteer CIOs, CTOs or VPs of Development to review your background and give you valuable feedback and coaching in representing yourself and planning your next move

Open source hiring database

  • This isn’t a job board and we aren’t recruiters.
  • We want to help you get the word out, if you give the OK, we will provide your information to software companies, IT leaders, HR departments and recruiters

Training and Certifications

  • Get into PluralSight to add training and certifications
  • Training on how to make your resume and linkeIn page represent you better.
  • Some of our volunteers aren’t in tech but they want to do what they can too, they have generously offered non-tech training, coaching and support. People like a doctor, dog trainer, BBQ chef and others.

Social events

  • Keep safe and keep sane and connected – virtually
  • Voluenteers have offered to bring us virtual dog training, introduction to American Sign Language, Spanish and English tutoring, even a doctor of infectious disease who is answering questions about Covid-19
  • More to come